About us

Hyve Management Systems is an integrated business service provider of data analytics, virtual logistics and spend management. The firm is defined and operates on a tri-structure. They are Hyve Analytics, Hyve Virtual Logistics and Hyve Spend Management.

Hyve Analytics Unit

The unit is the analytics wing of Hyve Management Systems. The unit is made up of a team, which is optimally composed with the right skills set and experience to deliver in every sector of engagement except medical science. We have expertise in Data Analytics, Data Science, Actuarial Science and Machine Learning

The unit owns and manages Survey-Radar, Cx Window Platform and The Intelvault Platform.

Hyve Analytics Unit

Mr. Clement Yanta

Chief Consultant, Hyve Analytics

Mr. Bright Teiko

Lead Consultant, Data Science

Mr. Bright Dzotor

Lead Consultant, Actuarial & Machine Learning

Miss Hamidatu Annoh

Junior Consultant, Monitoring & Evaluation Data