Intel Vault Project

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Consolidate your return-on-Investment from the Cost of Education

Make the investment in your education worthwhile by acting smart as you canvass your project work for potential investment opportunities

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Be outstanding among your peers in order to be discovered by industry

Organizations are constantly in search for a distinguish individual who can make them more competitive among their competitors by constantly driving performances

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Your project work is your intellectual property

Protect and secure your project works for solving future problems. Every invention is as a result of continuous buildup of knowledge from generation to generation

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Establishing strategic and meaningful partnerships drives results

Identifying and forming strategic partnerships with key stakeholders guarantees resounding success.

Our partnership eco-system includes IP Law firms, Students, Tertiary Institutions, Investor communities and tertiary education council.


To drive the intellectual agenda and succeed, we are partnering with the various educational institutions and research organizations backed by memorandum of understanding and a comprehensive intellectual property law to protect their respective students.

Data & Security

We provide maximum security and data protection measures both internally and externally. Our data protection emanates from the latest security software and fire-wall policies that ensure only the Author have sole access to his/her project works.


To protect all parties from any infringements on intellectual property rights, we have partnered with one of the most formidable and reliable legal firm who have been mandated to provide administrative procedures and processes for all transactions. So you are covered from all angles of transaction.